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Who are we?

BUCAD was created in 1997, by a group of dedicated Ghanaians to address some of the urgent education and poverty related problems that faced rural communities in Ghana. As time changed, we made a shift from education projects to integrated community development. Our work now includes promoting income-earning activities, improving nutrition and health and reducing poverty all with the participation of community members. We are also in advocacy and networking, people process, democracy and governance, partnerships, women and development and HIV/AIDS education.

Where we facilitate?

BUCAD facilitates the formation of representative mechanisms at the community level and support the work of these groups with organizational, material, technical, and training assistance for expanded public involvement. BUCAD also facilitates dialogue and cooperation by bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders for civic dialogue and mobilization on key priority issues. Facilitating broad based and informed community involvement in decisions affecting their communities and implementing programs to revitalize the social and economic life of the community, constitutes the central element that ensures development activities are relevant, sustainable, and effective.

Who do we facilitate ?

By bringing people together to pursue common interests, a robust independent sector will not only multiply demand on the State, it will also expand the capacity of groups to improve their own welfare, especially at the local level. One of BUCAD's fundamental approaches is help community-based organizations (CBOs) increase their public impact and improve the social and economic welfare of their communities. BUCAD also works at the community level to help build solidarity within the community through working with local groups to overcome ethnic, political, or religious divisions that impede cooperation for the improvement of conditions affecting them all.

Where we support?

BUCAD supports community-based organizations (CBOs) working in diverse areas such as education, human rights, micro-enterprise development, small business, agriculture, health, infrastructure and community development. This support includes institutional development to increase internal management and outreach capacities, as well as technical support for the development and implementation of local initiatives. We are based in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital but work in all districts in the Ashanti Region and other parts of Ghana.